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Sterling, Best Dog Ever

NOW ON SHELVES - A story about a silly dog who thinks he should become a fork to find his forever family ... View Details

Cool Stuff!

Dec 7, 2018

"First and Best 2018"

Sterling, Best Dog Ever is on the top ten list for the Toronto Library

Nov 29, 2018

Homeschooler's Picture Book Making Workshop, Salt Spring Island

Grades 4-8

Nov 26, 2018

Queen Margaret's School Author Visit, Duncan, BC

Teaching picture book making to grade 7 & 8

Sep 30, 2018

WORD Festival, Vancouver BC

Guest speaker reading Sterling, Best Dog Ever to "rain-and-book-loving" kids

What Aidan's Doing Now...

I'm working on "final art" for my third book (with an all new rolly-polly character), sketching out a book dummy for a 4th book concept and designing swag for my LITTLE JUNIPER MAKES IT BIG launch, coming to shelves this summer.