Here's Aidan's latest news, from interviews to blogger reviews

- STERLING, BEST DOG EVER is finalist for 2019 BC Book Prize:
Christie Harris Illustrated Children's Literature

- STERLING, BEST DOG EVER is featured on 2019 Reading for Research Month, ReFoReMo. An example of picture book "bibliotherapy"

- Sterling, Best Dog Ever is on the "First and Best 2018" top ten list for the Toronto Library

"Our top picks of the best Canadian children's books for building reading readiness in kids under five. Because the first books you share with your child should also be the best!"

- Newest book to be released July 2019, Little Juniper Makes it Big (FSG-Macmillan)

- Interview with Mr Schu on Watch. Connect. Read. (Mr Schu) Blog

- Sterling, Best Dog Ever book review on Off the Page Writing by Ann Kelley

- Sterling, Best Dog Ever book review on Beagles and Books Blog

- Interview with Lindsay Ward on CritterLit

- Interview with Lisa Day at Booktime